Ninja Turtles

Once a fate had longed for someone to take care of evil creatures that spoil the idyll in the world.

Our four turtle friends - Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raffaello decided to take the thing in their hands to show the evil creatures that it was not a place among us. The crowns muttered and became a Knight of Warriors, and their obligatory weapons became long knives, shurikens, swords and axes with which every monster and mutated being wielded. The main tortoise enemy is a dangerous Shredder who is also a revolting ninja, and is armed with swords and swords. Dangerous and courageous, struggling for the benefit of the whole country and winning the children around the world.


Barbie does not need to be specially represented. The most famous and best-selling doll in the world has fun with girls in their variants and gorgeous dresses, cars, homes, Ken, Shelly and friends. It has a tasteless taste, a sense of fashion, it follows all the trends from ballet to necklace in the latest fashion.

Since the year 1959 to this day, she has won the hearts of millions of girls. Barbie has become a kind of cultural and fashion icon.

Ben 10

Our hero Ben 10 has come back. Now he is 15 years old, older and more experienced. But is it ready for all the new challenges that await him? When my grandfather disappears mysteriously, Ben 10 decides to put Omnitrix back in his hand after a few years. However, Omnitrix has been reconfigured and now Ben 10 needs to master all the new alien skills and learn how to use their power to fight a number of wicked people.


From fantastic Disney workshops come to us with stories about very special cars that have won the kids all over the world.

Lightning McQueen is an athletic car that dreams of great success at the world championships of the Piston Cup.
Due to his accident, he was forced to seek help in the small town Radiator Springs, Carburetor County. In the small town you will experience great things and learn to go through the goal is not the most important achievement in life.


Chuggington is a very special place where there are plenty of special trains. They are called "Chuggers" by miles and are driven by various engines. Get to know the aerodynamic diesel locomotives, electric super-fast trains, trolley buses and old steam engines. Meet Wilson, Koko, Brewster, Hoot and Toot, Piper, Dunbar, Calley, Skylar ......

The inseparable three beginners are locomotives that learn to ride the tracks and perform basic tasks. These are the Wilson, a sophisticated and sometimes super-bright red locomotive, the Brewster, the loyal and robust Freighter and the Koko, whose speed and courage often lead to misunderstandings.

My little Pony

One of the biggest and most famous Toy Factory Hasbro has given us a delightful little horse named My Little Pony.

They have different colors and have a particularly long hair, designed for combing, editing and nurturing in a variety of ways. Since the early 1980s, when they appeared, to this day, they became favorite toy girls all over the world.


When, in 1984, Japanese giant Takara launched toys of small robots that could be converted into vehicles, and vice versa, nor could theoretically have predicted what kind of success would be achieved!

Robots transforming into transport vehicles and vice versa, divided into two groups, the good Autobots and the evil Decepticon, destroyed their own Cyberton planet in a battle around the energy source called Allspark and in search of a new habitat - landed on Earth. There will be their fate interwoven with the fate of people ....